Big Scare

Last night we headed for a family outing in the van. We live out far enough from "town" that we still have to do lots of trips by car. There aren't enough safe routes by bike to get there with three kids in tow. That being said, we were gone for about three hours.

As we pulled around the corner I saw a terrifying sight.

Our garage door was open.

All my bikes, my only possessions that hold any value, had been wide open for the taking for all that time. As we pulled up I audibly counted them off... "Surly. (whew!)... Xtracycle (whew!)... Redline (whew!)... Kona (whew!)."

Angie, of course, laughed at me. "I guess you're not concerned if anyone is waiting inside our closet. As long as they didn't take your bikes."

Well, all was okay. So no worries. I did go look in the closets, though :)

Get out there.

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