Days Off

Last week I had two days off the bike. Normally, any day I don't ride my bike to work (the occasional day when I take the kids to school) I usually end up running an errand or doing a little family joy ride. Last Thursday, however, I ended up going to bed thinking, "Hmm. I didn't ride a bicycle today."

What slipped my mind was the fact that I was giving blood Friday morning. I like giving blood. But I hate the fact that it takes me off the bike for 24 hours. But I knew I needed to keep my appointment and do it anyway.

So there I was. Two days off the bike. From what I could remember, it was the first day off in about eight weeks. So it wasn't a big deal. It just felt odd.

I tried to get back on a bit too soon after my blood draining. I tried to take Bliss on an Xtracycle ride to Lowes for some grilling supplies and I bonked after about the first mile. We made it there and back, but I could totally tell I was a pint low. Weird.

Get out there.

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