Good Riding Shoes

Sometimes big time cycling people challenge my choice to ride with flat pedals. "Clipless is the way to go," they say. I've ridden clipless. I love what they do with the efficiency and cadence in my pedaling. But they just don't fit my lifestyle of cycling.

I use my bike as transportation. I ride them to work, to the library, to the grocery, to the park with my kids. Having stiff, clunky, clicking shoes isn't a good option for those scenarios.

In the summer, these are my shoes of choice. I've seen lots of people that ride in Keens. They feel cool in the heat and work as easy options when it rains. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to do some summer riding without clipless.

Get out there.

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  1. I have the same sandals and love them. I also bought a pair of their SPD sandles. The SPDs fit tighter and are stiffer, as they should. One of my bikes has some Wellgo pedals with a platform on one side and clipless pedal on the other and they work great for whatever ride I want to do.