Work Space

I've been working recently to rearrange my garage and make it a bit more usable for bike repair and storage. When we first moved in we had a pop-up camper that took up more than half of the garage. So my tools and workbench were awkwardly placed. The camper's been gone for two years... but unfortunately I just got around to making things more convenient.

This set-up is right inside the door. So access is immediate. The cabinet on the left holds gear (bags, lights, helmets, rain jacket and other accessories). It's nice to keep it all in it's own place. I started doing this last year with all the winter gear. It was nicer to have all my stuff in one place in the garage than spread out all over the house.

I also moved my workbench and peg board. Now my tools and storage are parked right next to each other. There's also a box on top of that cabinet to hold all the random crap that comes off of bikes. I'm looking for a good system of small containers to hold all of the bike hardware I have.

Next to come is hanging a couple garden hose hangers to hold spare tires and some type of way to hold the Xtracycle WideLoaders.

When things are easily accessible and quick to use, it gets me on the bike more. So this stuff makes a big difference.

Get out there.

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  1. After posting this I noticed three funny things in this picture.
    1. A dinosaur riding a skateboard.
    2. My high school diploma (jealous?)
    3. Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition buried in with man power tools.