Jessamine County

I have a lot to learn about this nice little town in Jessamine County. I've lived here for five years, but rarely have I ridden it on a bicycle. Normally, I hop on the bike and head directly into Lexington.

Today was different. Busyness at work and sickness in our family have kept me off the bike quite a bit in the last week. Today Angie suggested I take the morning and head out on two wheels. I gladly took the opportunity to explore a bit of our own little area here in the world.

There were lots of little pieces of culture that grabbed my attention.

Who knew we had a museum? And why does it contain girl scouting memorabilia?

As I headed way out, I saw this in the middle of nowhere.

Be honest, West Coasters. You expected to see this in Kentucky, didn't you? It was about two miles from the Kentucky river, but seriously nowhere near anything else. What exactly is "Kentucky Meat?" Horse?

There's also quite a bit of beautiful scenery within a short distance of my house.

Several creek crossings and lots of tree coverage along the way made the trip quite nice. I'm very pleased with how adventurous and beautiful things get without even heading 10 miles in one direction.

I was forced to turn around when I came face to snout with an unsavory dog. He made it clear that I wasn't going to pass without trouble.

I headed back at a leisurely pace. (I was riding the Xtracycle. It wasn't the best tool for the job. But it had been facing some neglect.)

As I type now, I'm on my back porch, sipping coffee. I'm thankful for this life and this place I live.

Get out there.


  1. Jessamine has some great roads! Glad you found some.

  2. @jR - It was quite nice. We live in a beautiful town!