It's a funny thing to be late on a bike commute. My regular commute takes about 40 minutes. There is a shorter route that takes about 30 but it's my preference (because of safety) to avoid that route as much as possible.

I say that being late is "funny" because I have every opportunity to jump in my car and be at work early. But when you've made the decision that I've made, to completely eliminate any unnecessary car ride, it really isn't an option. I always think people might question me if I'm ever late. I can hear it now, "Couldn't you have just driven here and made it on time?"

I found myself in that predicament today. I usually arrive to work early when I ride my bike. But today I was feeling lazy, and life's little curveballs kept me from leaving at a decent time. I had a meeting at nine that I was trucking to make. I was on the single-speed which probably helped. I spent lots of time out of the saddle, smashing the pedals down to speed things up.

So far I've never been late to work because of a bike. And that didn't change today. And even though the temptation was there to hop in the Subaru, I'm glad I didn't. The experience is much greater on two wheels.

Get out there.

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