Dark Horse

There aren't a whole lot of pictures of my Redline 925. Since I primarily only ride it in foul weather, my iPhone stays tucked away in my bag, unable to get pictures. Today was one of those days that called for 50% chance of rain, so the Redline got the call.

For about the first 4 miles, the skies were beautiful. That's when I pulled off to take this pic. I really like the simple dignity and classic look that this bike holds. Seeing it on screen here makes me realize how much I enjoy riding it. I think I often associate the bike with the weather it's in. So those cold sloppy rides get pinned on this guy, when in reality, it's a blast to ride.

It really is the dark horse of the group. Stable. Comfortable. Enjoyable. He doesn't get enough credit.

Get out there.


  1. This is supposed to be symbolic right? Like you are the dark horse? I don't think you are giving yourself enough credit. :D

  2. 50/50 chance--good call. Looks like the day was perfect. Is that a single speed?Did some brief research (not familiar with this brand) but it's not clear. . .

  3. @Sabinna - Yep. It's a single speed. The luxury of one gear is that it requires almost no maintenance when I'm constantly calling on it for foul weather. It's a great bike for the money.

    @Steve - I'm not really a dark horse... more light tan colored.