Bike Lexington Family Fun Ride

Yesterday was an awesome Memorial Day with a Family Fun Bike Ride put on by Bike Lexington. Last year they closed down the streets for Second Sunday and it was nothing compared to this. Over 2,500 cyclists showed up to ride a closed ten mile course downtown.  It was an awesome day for cycling. They gave away helmets and blinkies to encourage safe cycling and there was plenty of free schwag and more than enough food.

I hauled my crew of three on the Xtracycle and Angie joined on her Kona.

It was neat to see that "family" cycling brought out so many people. As a guy who's got "family" and "bike" in his blog title, it's a fact that interests me a great deal. I think people love riding with their family. I just think they need to learn that it's a great way to transport little people, too. I did see three other Xtracycle FreeRads (plus one with no kids), two Surly Big Dummys, one Madsen and one Bakfiet, all with kiddos riding. People had lots of questions and were excited to see families riding on a bike together. I just don't think the general public knows about it.

Overall, it was a great day and a great ride. It was the longest ride for me with three kids so far. But it wasn't bad at all. The Xtracycle knows how to deal with the weight.

I count yesterday as a huge win for bikes in the Bluegrass.

Get out there.

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