Bike Maintenance Night

Last night Kyle, Dan and Justin came over for some bike maintenance. It was fun having four guys in the garage wrenching together. Dan was doing some custom work on his rack and we were installing brakes on Kyle's Masi.

Unfortunately, the calipers didn't have enough reach. This is the second pair he's purchased off the recommendation of the LBS. I guess he's looking for something more rare than we originally thought. He's riding fixie with a front brake now. But wanting to add rear.

After our bike work we all headed for a ride to the gas station for some soda. It felt a lot like being ten years old again. I've never even ridden with that many guys before. It was fun to get out.

Get out there.


  1. The Tektro r556's or something like that will fit. They have 73mm reach. The ones I'm gonna use to convert an old Soma to 650b. The have like 55mm minimum reach though, so maybe measure first.

    Nights like that are the best, even when things don't always work out the way it was planned.

  2. @ Joe - Thanks for the recommendation. I'll send it to Kyle. I was impressed at how shy the "long" reach Tektro's already were.

    And you're right... those are the best nights. Most of my bike time is spent solo. It's fun to do it with other guys.