The Call of Shame

Yesterday was a first for me on the bike commute... I called for help.

When I departed from work on the Xtra the skies were clear blue. The forecast said everything was hot and cloudy. Nothing was said about a storm. Well, about 6 miles into my 11 mile ride things changed.

Out of nowhere rain poured and lighting came. I love riding in rain. And I've ridden in bits of lightning storms on several occasions. But this was something that made me nervous for the first time ever. There were lightning strikes within a quarter mile on a couple of instances. It was incredible to watch but unnerving to be in.

I made the decision to call Angie and have her pick me up about 5 miles from the house. I think it was a better decision than riding with a lightning rod between my legs.

Does anyone know the true risk of riding in lightning? I wasn't sure, but yesterday sure did give me a startle.

Get out there.

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