I Bike KY

I had a great opportunity to meet with Nick, of Awesome Inc. and I Bike KY. He's got some really neat plans to pull together some resources to endorse cycling in the Bluegrass state. I was really impressed with his initiative to chase after resourcing those less fortunate than himself.

For now, though, his plan is to sell t-shirts and use the proceeds to benefit people who need bikes. This is why he contacted me. We share that common interest. The hope is that we can pull our brains and resources together to get more people on bikes in our community.

If you'd like to buy a t-shirt, go here. You'll be giving to the cause.

Get out there.


  1. What about if i want to buy the beard?

  2. Thanks for the support, Derrick! Attended my first KyMBA.org meeting last night to see how we can help with that segment of bicycling in KY. I really like how the MTB groups are into preservation of natural resources...another good thing for our state. Have you heard about http://rrgcc.org/rrgcc-info/pmrp/