Father's Day

My special treat for Father's Day was, of course, a nice family ride through our nice little town. We weaved in and out of neighborhoods, rode down Main Street to a park and circled back for a little playground time before heading home for dinner.

I say it all the time, but I really love my family. I can't think of four other people I'd rather spend my time with. It was definitely a good Father's Day.

And for what it's worth, I extend another word of gratitude to Xtracycle. Without this addition to my biking stable, none of this would be possible. There are often times that small kids can seem cumbersome when trying to maintain an active lifestyle. This simple invention allows Angie and I to spend time together and bring the kids along. We're not tethered to them... we're blessed to include them.

She said yesterday, "I think I could spend all day on a bike." She was never able to get that much time on her bike until we were able to bring all three kids on the Xtra. I love something that is broad enough to bring a family together, offer exercise and not even cause an environmental impact. There's some magic happening there.

Get out there.


  1. i love father's day very much. i will give my father a gift that memorable to him

  2. wow, man. I stumbled upon this somehow. I cant wait to read more. Havent seen you in sooooo long. I think about you all the time.

  3. Chris!
    Glad to hear from you. You still in KY?