Good Night

Last night seven of us came together to work on about 20 bikes that were donated for greater purposes than sitting in a garage. It was cool to see that many people show up to give their night away to get dirty and greasy for the sake of someone else.

To catch you up to speed, we're trying to head up an initiative to take donated bikes, repair them, then send them out to people who are in need of transportation, exercise or an awesome birthday present for a kid in their family.

We worked hard. We sweat... a lot. But we got them all finished. We even had a little fun in the meantime...

Tiny Bike from Derrick Purvis on Vimeo.

In the end, we got 15 bikes in nearly perfect working order. I hope to be a part of some of the distribution. They say it's fun to watch people get their new bike.

I even got to do a nice summertime night ride home at around 10:30. I love riding in the dark. It's such an adventure.

Get out there.


  1. AWESOME!!! Again, I applaud you for your efforts and this program. If I was closer then 10 or so hours drive, I'd be right there getting greasy with you

  2. 10 hours sounds like quite a drive to work on some Huffy's. :)