Awesome Wife

Last night my wife informed me of my father's day present for this year. She's booked a babysitter to watch the kids overnight while her and I head out for a bike camping trip. We'll pull out of our house and pedal towards Elkhorn Creek to spend the night fishing, eating and relaxing. I did this same trip solo last year and am super excited to do the first trip with Angie. This photo is of that trip. We'll probably take a stop here to snack at the famous Versailles castle.

This will, by far, be the longest she's ever been on a bicycle (26 miles). But she's a marathon runner... she'll probably do better than me. I think I'll put her on the Cross Check and I'll carry everything on the Xtracycle. It should put us at a similar pace and cut out any competition. :^)

I'm really excited. Not only about the trip, but that I've married such an incredible girl.

Get out there.

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