Xtracycle Commuting

It's been fun commuting on the Xtracycle. I really enjoy the ability to just toss anything in the side and roll. This isn't a pic from today, though. Today was a rainy downpour the entire ride. It was my first "xtra/rain" experience. I wanted to see how the bags would do and what it would feel like to ride in the rain.

It wasn't bad at all. The wider tires are great. They feel so much better than the skinnier tires on the Surly or my Redline 925 rain bike. The bags have dried surprisingly well. There was some pooling at the rear on both sides, but nothing that couldn't be dumped out. That's primarily what I wanted to check for today. My hope is to do some family camping/touring with this and I want to know how it performs in all conditions.

It was great. The rain was cooling and pleasant this morning, too. So no complaints from me!

Get out there.

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