Indoor MTB?

Photo from Adventure Journal
My buddy sent me this link to Adventure Journal with an article about indoor MTB parks. I'm not the biggest fan of being indoors, really. That's why I've killed two gym memberships in the last two years. It's not the exercise that's hard... it's the four walls around me that make me claustrophobic. But I have to admit, these parks seem pretty cool.

Head on over to the article and check it out. I could see these things drawing a crowd.

Get out there (contradictory to this post, I know).


  1. Might be good for fun wintertime fun and working on skills (especially on a single-digit day like today!). Have you ridden anywhere indoors yet? I'm not even sure of the closest to us in Louisville.

  2. I think the closest one to KY is Ray's in Cleveland. There is a group that makes a trip or two over each winter (although this year they may be going every weekend!)