Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my first blog entry here on family//bike//words. I thought I'd throw together some fun facts for you.

I find it amazing that there were over 10,000 visits in one year. It blows my mind that this content would be admirable to that many people. The most popular content is Kona Smoke 2-9 Review (which cracks me up... it's the bike that hardly ever gets ridden and is now in pieces), followed by My Bikes and I'm sorry Xtracycle. Most people come from Twitter and Facebook, but next in line is Kent, Denver Local and Xtracycle's blog. The majority of the readers are Mac users, but not by much. That's the most interesting stuff I could pull off of analytics. I have no idea how it calculates it all or if it factors in RSS readers. But here's a list of my photo highlights...

(Pre-Xtracycle Trek!)

It's been a great year and I look forward to more to come. Thanks so much for reading and hanging in there through my ramblings. I hope some of you read and were inspired to ride.

Get out there.

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