A Louisville Guy Does a Bike Move

Photo from Bike Trailer Blog
I read a great article over the weekend about a family that moved their entire house by bike with some friends and volunteers in my home town of Louisville. It's a fun read and helps you to realize all that is possible on a bike. I still haven't been back on the bike, yet. My back issues are better but not quite right. I'm also training for a half-marathon (training starts today) and am having to put that on hold a bit. Let's hope it gets better soon.

Until then, I'll keep reading great stuff like this.

Get out there.


  1. Hey Derrick! What half are you training for? I'm hoping to do a half in the next year. Probably in the fall. Trevor is going to stick to a half century. ;)

    Don't know if you ever heard of dailymile.com but it's a great site for tracking mileage - for running, cycling, anything.

    Cheers, Kristi

  2. @ Kristi- We're running the Louisville Half Marathon. Angie does so much riding with me, it's time for me to do something she likes. It'll be interesting, but I'm excited.

  3. Hi Derrick, seems like the link to the photo is broken.

    By the way I'm doing bike moves in Montreal since 2008. I wrote a guide containing tips on equipment choice and how to do a bike move safely: