Shoe Breakdown

I'm on my fourth generation of Salomon's XA Pro trail running shoes. I've worn this model (and it's updates) as my primary footwear for many years now. They really are incredible shoes. But here's the issue... they don't last any longer than less expensive shoes.

I think I'm hard on shoes. It doesn't seem to matter if I spend $75 or $175, they last me no more than a year. And I'm not someone who wants to spend money on shoes.

But my current generation of Salomons have just about had it.

Here's what I want from a shoe:

  • good arch support
  • more-than-decent protection against water
  • synthetic outer material that wipes off easily (I sometimes find myself walking from the bike into a meeting)
  • balance of form and function
I don't like to own lots of shoes. So I want a pair that look good for everyday office use but perform well on the bike or trail.

Any suggestions or should I go with a fifth duration of the XA Pro despite the cost?

Get out there.


  1. Karen and I are quite partial to Keens because we can't seem to destroy them no matter what we do!

  2. @ Chad - I've had great luck with my Keen sandals. My issues come from break-down on the inside. I have foot problems.

  3. Stoneagefamily here...I had a pair of Salomon GTX for 6 years. I had to stop wearing them because the outside of the heal was so worn down, but otherwise still had life in them. I actually researched having them re-soled. If you can find a pair of their latest generation I highly recommend them. P.S. They are high tops, I don't know if that's an issue for you. I still haven't found a decent replacement so I use my snow boots a lot.

  4. @ Stoneagefamily - 6 years! Dang. I've never gotten anywhere near that!