What's this? 3pm is going to see 60 degrees? That's a perfect biking temperature, if you ask me. I'll be in an all-day meeting today. But the outside world will be calling when work time is over.

Get out there.


  1. I know! We had 50 here in Duluth! THe roads were pretty much nice and dry and I had room even to ride away from all the sand. On top of that, I had the wind on my back pretty much the whole ride home, packed my bar mits in my saddle bags, rode without goggles or any head gear except my helmet, and just flew along with no need to use the headlights anymore because the sun was still out on my ride home. It was EPIC, it was awesome! It's just a tease of Spring but now I think I can hold out till then! I cant wait till I finally switch over to my black bullet of a bike compared to my old Schwinn MTB with studs I've been riding all winter!

  2. @ NDS - It feels so great, doesn't it? I'm a little worried I'll get too used to it and be disappointed when the chill comes back. Oh well, viva la warmth for now!