I've been training for the Louisville Half-Marathon recently. I've never been a runner and it's not something I can naturally lean into. But my wife is an incredible runner. She's got one of those brains that can ignore the realities of the human body and just run and run.

Last year for Valentine's Day I bought her a bike and she loved it. She rode with me all over town with kids in tow and a smile on her face. She willingly adopted my passion as her own and I was very grateful.  This year, my commitment to her is to run. We're doing the race together and it'll be wonderful.

So I am actually off the bike a little more than usual but my endurance is certainly increasing. In the end, this running thing will benefit my cycling lifestyle. Even after the first two weeks I can see a difference. My body has developed just for riding a bike. The first few runs nearly killed the muscles that I never use on wheels. I've realized that mixing in some variety is a good thing.

So you may see a post or two here about human powered movement without the assistance of wheels. My training schedule still allows me to ride three days a week, which is good. But expect to see running shoes sprinkled throughout the ramblings about new tires and whatnot.

To me, I love being outside. This morning I thought about how I was running in the 30 degree weather when normally I'd be riding at that very moment. It didn't matter. I was outside and I loved it.

Get out there.


  1. I've never really enjoyed running, but walking can be nice. Time outdoors really is the important factor, though, I think.

  2. My only exercise since July has been biking the 10 miles to work and back. To be honest I rode in every day from July till September, then November came and I slowly started to trail off to 2 or 3 rides a week, but I've kept that up all winter. My office mate convinced me I should run on the days I sleep in and don't bike. My first run: Today. HOLY #### my legs were and are still SOOOO sore. A little 2 mile run on the treadmill kicked my butt! So, I agree, my muscles must have got used to biking only, and I need to get out there and start mixing it up myself. This warmer and warmer weather makes it nice to ride in, too!

  3. @ Apertome - That's the same principal I realized as I wrote this. I just love being outside. It keeps me going when I get really miserable without my bike underneath me :)

    @ NDS - I hear ya, man! My first run I went out and ran 3.5 miles. It was a bad choice. My fitness level told me to keep going and going. But my muscles paid for it in the end.