Well, it looks like I may be adding an IGH to the Xtracycle soon. I've found one online that fits the budget and purpose of hauling cargo and children. I am really excited to have this addition to the bikey stuff I run. After this winter's mess on the Xtra, I think I really need something that will eliminate mechanical issues and upkeep. It'll also allow me to switch over to disk brakes with ease.

There's just a bit too much benefit to pass it up.

Get out there.


  1. I rock the 8 spd on my xtra and love it!

  2. I run a shimano nexus 7spd on my really old Rudge; I built it up maybe more than 10yrs ago, never needed any maintenance, I love internal hubs!

  3. @ Political Hero - It'll be perfect. I can't wait.

    @ Easton Heights Blogger - That's my exact hope for this. I want something that'll last forever with zero maintenance.