Gone for the Week

Well, I'm on vacation for the week* so I figured I won't have a lot content for the blog. We do have some bikes where we're staying, so I'll be riding, just not in a way that's going to merit much blog action.

I figured this would be a great opportunity to show some of the different blogs I read. So this week, I'll take some time everyday to feature another biking blog. These are the blogs you'll find to the right in my blogroll. They're also the blogs that taught me a lot of what I know about biking. They inspire you on the days the car sings it's song of temptation. They are filled with real life and real fun. Most of all, they're written by really unique people that consider their bikes to be tools for an increased quality of life; awesome people that love to share.

Here's my first choice to share...

Doug was the first bike blog I ever found. To be honest it was the first blog I ever found. This guy is the real deal. My favorite thing about his blog? He's a regular guy. He does superhero type riding with a modest life. Sometimes when you read about others you think, "Do these people have jobs with all the riding they do? And speaking of jobs, how do they afford all this stuff?" Not with Doug. He works hard and actually budgets for his cycling adventures. That's right... budget. Money isn't at all the central theme of his writing. It's just something you notice that makes you feel closer to that lifestyle.

He hasn't driven to work in years and most impressively, he rides year-round in Minnesota. When I get whiny about the weather, I can click over to him to get motivated. He's always got a joyful attitude and always seems humble about riding... although what he does is freakishly awesome.

My favorite blogs are those real-life commuters... not racers. Doug is about as close as you could get.

And if you're a fellow Cross Check rider (like Doug and myself) go check out his newest project. He's recently built up a carbon belt drive Cross Check as the ultimate winter commuter.

So go visit Doug's blog and get inspired. You won't regret it.

Get out there.

*John Tesh says you shouldn't tell people when you're on vacation. He say's they'll break into your house and steal stuff. Please don't steal my stuff. You wouldn't get much anyway... other than my John Cusack movie collection on VHS.


  1. You should listen to Tesh, it's pretty much a Sure Thing. Just so you're prepared, know that you'll need to light Sixteen Candles in your living room once the thief steals all your stuff. Honestly, I think you're Better Off Dead than losing your Cusack VHS collection. Before you Say Anything in response to these comments, just know that you can always Stand By Me...

    Hot Tub Time Machine.

  2. Well done Dan Ott. Well done. =)