Kent's Bike Blog

It's fitting that I send you to Kent's blog on the fifth anniversary of his first entry. Kent is one of those guys that's incredibly simple and endearing. It doesn't take a lot of reading before you say to yourself, "Man, I would totally hang out with this guy if he was local." Well, I say that to myself, at least. I'm not sure if he'd want to hang out with me. (Although, I think he would. He seems to care more about the commonality of cycling that the differences in personalities.)

You can tell Kent is highly intelligent and speaks with a lot of wisdom. He left the world of corporate "go-getters" to join the "go-get-out-there" crowd. You can read his passion for two wheels in every entry. Like others, Kent is humble and pure. He lives the kind of modest life that evokes a simplicity worth coveting.

He's also well known for his coroplast fenders and panniers that he makes from the oh-so-popular political yard-signs on this season.

Hop on over to his blog and thumb through the archives. There's much to learn and appreciate.

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