What the...?

Well, it didn't take long for someone to plow through the barrier posts that block off the bike path. Two of these things block each entrance to the path. They make it so there's not enough passage for a car or truck to pass through and drive on the path.
 Apparently, someone didn't understand the concept. You could see at the base that it was knocked down from the side that faces the road. My guess? Someone was flying down the road at night, completely oblivious to the "Road Ends" signs, and just smashed right into it.
Above, you can see tire marks from where they slammed on their brakes... a little too late.      
Then on the other side you see the skid marks as they sped away. Again, this is all my guess. But one thing is for sure... either someone wasn't paying attention or someone is a jerk that thought this was funny. Either way it's a shame.

This path is beautiful and helpful. Yet someone is completely careless and screws it up. I'm interested to see how long it takes to fix it, if ever.

Get out there.