End of the Season

Perhaps yesterday was our last family ride of the year. With the right equipment, it's entirely possible to ride year-round with little ones. But we're just not there. With temps in the low 50's we were hearing complaints of cold little ears and noses.

It was a great day, though. We made a library and grocery run with everybody in tow. The big kids think it's fun to be the only bike in the parking lot. You can see pride on their faces when people walk by and smile as we're loading in grocery bag after grocery bag. Hopefully, this is the kind of mentality that will linger on through adulthood.
I still love how the Xtracycle handles loads. The design is ingenious. Although, it does make it a bit harder for the big kids to drop their legs over the sides when it's loaded with groceries I can't complain. All in all, though, it is just as easy as loading a bunch of crap into the back of the van and buckling three kids into their seats.
There was one party foul as I was unloading. I had apparently loaded all the heavy stuff onto the non-kickstand side of the bike. So when I lifted kids and two bags, the bike tumbled into the front yard. That's the type of thing you remember once you've made the mistake a couple times.

It was a good haul and I was happy to be out with everyone. I'm now brainstorming systems to keep the little ones warm through the winter. We'll see what we can come up with.

Get out there.

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