Bikes on Vacation

The place we stayed last week had a couple of Treks in the garage. I thought I might take the opportunity to ride a lot, but I really didn't. When you have a week off of work and get to spend it with your family, you want to be around them as much as possible. As much as I love riding a bike, I love them more.
From what I saw in Fort Myers, there are bike paths everywhere. I could get to the grocery from where I was staying. I could have hit the beach (about 25 miles away). I could have done anything. It seemed like the paths were basically just really wide sidewalks along all the roads. You saw bikes everywhere, too. It was cool to see.
Obviously, it was also beautiful. My hope was to see a gator from the bike. I'm always posting pics of horses from Kentucky. I thought it would be fun to post a gator pic. I had no such luck.

Florida seemed like a great place to ride and fairly bike friendly. Next time I'll need to bring the Xtracycle and trailer, though. If we would have had the ability to bring the kids, we would have been on the bikes the entire time

Get out there.

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