A Lazy Blog

The Lazy Randonneur is anything but a lazy blogger. Vik is a well spoken and well rounded man of many outdoor sports. His blog was the first time I'd ever seen an Xtracycle set-up (on his Big Dummy), which is what got me reading a few years ago. On a humorous sidenote, I remember seeing his Big Dummy and thinking, "Wow, I bet I could get kids on that thing."
Anyway, Vik is a great resource for products, techniques and cycling style. He's very intentional with all of his bikes and loves to experiment. You'll learn a lot when you read his stuff. Be careful, though. You'll find yourself desiring all the fun gear he plays with. I've often found myself on his blog saying, "Hmmm. I bet I would really benefit from a folding bike." See the issue here? I said the same thing about the Xtracycle :)

Check out Vik's stuff. You'll see some great cycling info with everything from urban riding to mountain biking to touring. He's even got lots of other fun stuff on stand-up paddle boarding and kite surfing their, too. He's a true outdoor enthusiast.

Get out there.

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