I realize that I'm talking a lot about the Xtracycle these days. But, hey, it really is going to lead to a lifestyle change for us as a family. Just yesterday, I brought home one of my bikes that I had left at work (granted, in a very Beverly Hillbillies kind of way).

Today I was able to take two of my three kids on a ride.

These are the sorts of thing that changes your lifestyle when you're a bicycle enthusiast.

When you're new to cycling there are certain barriers you have to bust through. There's a time when you "wouldn't dare ride that close to cars." But you slowly break through and give it a try. Before you know it, you're riding on just about any road. Then you say, "I'd love to ride all year, but what about rain and snow?" Well, if you stick with it, you realize that there's no bad weather, just bad clothes, to quote Doug. You buy the right stuff and get to riding. There. Another barrier broken.

There are a few other barriers that you break along the way. But you will eventually say, "Hey, I've mastered everything I can with two wheels and a couple bags. I wish I could bring my family along with me." That's the moment I realized I needed an Xtracycle set-up.

The Xtra is another (perhaps the last?) barrier to break through. Now there's no reason to not bike to the grocery... with a kid... "What? You want to go, too? Come on, buddy!" ...make that two kids.

Just about anything is possible now.

Get out there.