Bike Lanes on Trash Day

Hmmm. Makes my own lane less of a perk, doesn't it.

Get out there.


  1. That stinks. I don't why it is so hard for them to put the cans back in the grass. They put ours where they can sometimes.

    There has been times when Misty couldn't even pull into our drive way because they put them in the middle of the driveway. She would have to get out and move them first.

  2. The worst part is the open cans that fill the air with stink while I'm huffing and puffing!

  3. Yea. I can see where that would be an issue. :) How far is your ride to work?

  4. It's 22 miles round-trip. I only ride three days a week. So it's about 66 miles per week with a couple joy rides in there. The other two days I get to take my kids in the rockin' Astro Van to school.