The Hope Center

It's been a couple weeks since I was at the Hope Center, and I neglected to share with you all what it was about, but it was an awesome experience.

The Hope Center is a place for men without a place to sleep at night. They offer soft beds, rehabilitation and work programs and a whole wealth of other resources for the down-and-out.

I was contacted to go for a bicycle safety course being taught by a League of American Bicyclists instructor. He wanted me to come and represent the program I work with at my church to get bikes underneath people that need them for transportation. I wrote about it a while back, and have since repaired and distributed dozens of bikes. This guy got word about it and contacted me to come help with his efforts.

He taught the class, I spoke with the clients at the Hope Center about getting a bike and a mechanic was able to set up and work on the bikes they were already riding.

It was an awesome experience. We laughed together a lot and had great opportunities to discuss and promote the bicycle as a valid form of transportation. We even had a guy come out this past Saturday and pick up his new bike. It's a cool thing to see.

Get out there.

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