A Little Disappointed

I've written before about the road work that's been happening for the last year. The great news was the fact that they were going to build a bike path almost the entire length of my commute... eight of my eleven mile trip.

Long story short: The old road was becoming a bike path. The new road was about 200 yards to the left (or right, I guess).

This is exactly what has happened for about four of the eight miles. But there was still another four miles being used as limited access to the people who lived off the road.

Well, the other day I was riding in and noticed they'd pulled up all the reflectors along the road. Could this be it? Would this finally close off all cars and make this thing a full-fledged bike path?

I was thinking they'd tear the entire road up and put in the rest of the path. I couldn't make it make sense though. How were those twelve-ish farms going to have access to a road?

Well, this is how.

When I came home that evening, the roads had been repaved and repainted. They're not bike paths. They're roads. I was looking forward to a bike path for eight of my eleven miles of commuting each way. But I'll settle for four. These roads won't be busy. Like I said, it's mostly just farm trucks going back and forth from entrance to entrance of their massive property. But there is a sense of disappointment. A few cars is better than lots of cars. But there's something about never having to look over your shoulder that offers a greater peace.

Get out there.

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