Lunch-time Ride

I headed over to a local park for a 12 mile round-trip over lunch. Man, was it wet out!

You can see above that there's a bike path here that's been cut down the middle by a stream of water.

I've been seriously considering taking the fenders off of the Cross Check for a couple weeks. I try not to ride it in the rain. But even though it was sunny today, I definitely needed them. I think they'll be staying on for as long as today remains in my memory.

Right here I'm riding through about 6 inches of standing water. The bike path through the park was completely flooded for about 50% of the trails.

All over, ditches had become creeks. Creeks had become torrents. Plains had become ponds. It was really cool to see all that water. That's what I call a lunch break.

Get out there.

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