Trunk Bag

Yesterday I received a new trunk bag in the mail. It's a Detours Transit Box. I have a couple different sets of panniers that I use for commuting and camping. But I wanted something that I could throw on the bikes for long recreational rides. I didn't want a huge pannier if my only cargo is some snacks and a jacket. So this little guy is perfect.

What's even nicer was the cost. I got the Transit Box for nothing... literally. I got it from The Clymb, a new online retailer that gives credits for recommending the site. If I recommend someone and they buy something, I get a credit. So this guy came to me for free! And I know this will seem like a shameless plug to get more free stuff, but The Clymb is a cool site. They send a daily email with major deals every morning. If you're willing to sift through all the stuff you don't need (and by "sift through," I mean "be tempted to purchase"), it's a got great prices. Check it out.

But back to the trunk bag...

I'm a fan of trunk bags. They're simple and useful. There's nothing special to this thing. It's seems durable and somewhat water resistant. But it won't be used for anything intense. It's just a catchall when I need a small bag. I'm looking forward to using it.

Get out there.

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