"Keep Going"

The Voice inside my head this morning kept saying, "Keep going. Keep going." When I left the house, I had a seven mile route in mind. At my first turn the Voice told me to make it a bit longer. When the temperature is in the thirties, the Voice usually just calls me an idiot. But for whatever reason, the Voice sent me on a twenty mile ride before work today.
I kept thinking that this could be one of my last chances to see green grass. Maybe the Voice knew that and wanted me to soak up the color before things go gray.
I'm glad I went for it. Bright blue skies and green fields will certainly warm the soul when the body is pedaling through the cold. And I've got a lot on my mind and a lot to be prayerful about today. Perhaps the Voice knew this would be the best use of my time. Good thinking, Voice.

Get out there.

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