I'm So Resourceful

At some point at work yesterday I lost my jacket. I'm so sad about it. But I work in a gigantic building with lots of people and I have a feeling that I'll never see it again. So how did I keep warm on a bicycle when the temps were in the 40s?

I hit up the lost and found.

It may have been sinful, but I'll call it resourceful. I "borrowed" someone's jacket from lost and found, rode home and returned it when I got back to work this morning. So, North-Face-wearing-size-medium-forgetful-friend, thanks for letting me borrow your jacket. That ride would've been rough in a t-shirt.

How about you readers? Have you ever run into a problem like that? Stuck at work without the right attire to get home?

Get out there.


  1. I was wondering where that went. :)

  2. My worst was not planning ahead for the forecasted rain. However, being the boy scout I am I was dressed smartly enough that I was still warm despite being soaked.

    My second most common snafu is to not plan ahead for warm afternoons. Often here it will be in the 20s or 30s in the morning and can get into the 50s or 60s. Wool socks and long sleeves make for a sweaty ride home. I run a bit hot anyway.