Trailside Repairs

I've got to throw a shout out to Pedal the Planet for providing a great repair stand and tools at the trailhead of the Veteran's Park mountain bike trail.
Thw station has a stand to throw your bike on, pump and a multitude of tools to get you going. For people without bike specific tools, this is a huge help. You can roll up on the trail and do the necessary work. I always carry tools on me. But this is a great luxury with the stand and floor pump. It could definitely save some CO2 cartridges or a sore shoulder from 2,000 pumps on a mini-pump. Those 2.5" wide tires on the Troll take a lot of pumps to fill!

Way to go, PtP. Many thanks from a guy who rides hard enough to need lots of trail side repairs.

Get out there.

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  1. That is cool! I've been to skateparks out west that have tool stands available to skaters but have never seen one for MTBers. Great idea!