Time Travel

I posted some photos of a ride on Instagram the other day and a buddy pointed out how it looked like a journey back in time. I have to agree. The fact that they're instagrammed makes a difference. But even the content of the photo appears to be a trip from another era.
A winding road along the Kentucky River showed me lots of new landscape. Here's an old-timey wagon parked in a random field.
And old pick-up truck in the side yard.
Eventually, I popped up in Wilmore, Kentucky. It's a quaint little town with an old vibe. Someone's bike is leaned up against the staircase unlocked. I guess "quaint" means that nobody jacks your stuff when it's unlocked.

It was a great ride with lots of fun sights. I didn't anticipate, or even notice, it was a trip in time. But it was a nice feeling to see those random flashbacks of history. It's so great to explore on a bike.

Get out there.

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  1. The first and third photos are definitely very sweet and look like they hail from another era except for your bike, of course.