Time With the Little Guy

Angie wanted to give me some time on the bike yesterday since the weather was so nice. I'm not one to pass up on the opportunity to ride when the temps are so perfect. But with a recent camping trip under my belt, I wasn't jumping at the opportunity to spend time away from the family. Instead, I opted to take one of the little people along with me.
Our three year old probably gets the least amount of attention from me. He's the third out of four and operates on his own way more than he realizes. He is, by no means, neglected. But his personality and the fact that he's the third, often allows him to fall between the cracks of getting my attention. So I chose a little bit of little man time with him.

I took the LHT with the tagalong bike. I've not done many rides with the Trek Mountain Train. My dad gave it to us to use with our older kids. But this kid is probably a little too small for it. He rocks back and forth a whole lot and nearly runs me off the road. To be honest, the Xtracycle does the job with a lot more ease. The Mountain Train is less stable and you feel it more in the cockpit. It takes a lot of concentration and control to keep from swaying a foot or two in either direction.
We made our way around town, hit up the library, stopped at the park for juice boxes and took a photo opp at a massive monster truck that had his little jaw dropped to the floor. Boys like a vehicle with tires that are taller than them.

All in all, we weren't out for too long. But we had a blast together. He loves riding on the bike and he loves one on one time. He was singing songs about hanging out with dad, which probably a good sign. I love spending time with my kids. And being on a bike is such a fun way to do it.

Get out there.

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