Veteran's Park MTB Video

My friend, Neil, is quite the video guru. He went out with us on the first day we found the new MTB trails at Vet's Park. He edited this quick little ditty this week. It's super cool, but I feel like it really highlights how much of a mediocre mountain biker I am (which is accurate... so it's not just super cool, it's super realistic).

But as I get to know the terrain a bit better, I slowly improve. And Wednesday night I removed the rear rack and added clipless pedals to my setup. It's moving from an all-around bike to an actual MTB. The pedals made a HUGE difference on yesterday's ride. I rode faster, climbed better, bunny hopped more and got higher off of every jump. It will certainly make my rides more interesting than this video shows. I hope we get to shoot more. The other guy in the video is my buddy, Jeff.

Get out there.

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