Bike Parking

I've never been satisfied with my bike storage situation in my garage. I built a rack out of an old palet that was functional, but a little too unstable and three bikes took up a ton of room. Yesterday, I think I finalized my satisfaction by building this. Four bikes hanging with enough floor parking for the Xtracycle.
Most of the space they take up is vertical space. So I'm able to store them closer to the garage door, creating more room for bike maintenance space behind the rack.
The back side of the rack now houses a shelf, work bench and hanging tools. I've been trying to organize all my stuff into four categories; bike stuff, camping stuff, fishing and kayaking stuff and general garage storage (like car maintenance and yard supplies). This new layout gets me much closer.
My hope is to get all bike stuff on this new rack/stand; bikes on one side and all tools and gear on the other. Then I can use all my other cabinet storage for my other needs. At this point, I would like to find a solution for small parts and items to store on the second work bench to the right. The only caveat to my storage solutions is that I have to put all the interesting tidbits out of the reach of little hands. The garage is my boys' favorite place on earth. They love rooting through all my parts and tools. And it doesn't take much for me to completely lose a crucial piece of equipment. I'm trying to build this new solution with that in mind.

For now, though, I'm very satisfied. I opened up a good deal of room in my garage. Everything is a little more sturdy and a lot more organized... and all for about $30 in lumber. I'm very pleased.

Get out there.


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  4. Excellent idea! How wide is the board to fit 4 bikes? Is it 4'x 8'? I'd love to build something like that for our bikes

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  6. Nice, what kind of hanging system did you use for the bikes? Is it selfmade or some kind of existing hook? Thanks!