The last week of riding has primarily been in 95 degree heat, pushing a fat tired bike up hills and over jumps. Today, though, I pedaled slowly through a brisk, cool breeze on a skinny tired commute bike on my way to work. It was delightful. There was no need to stand on the pedals. I never had to build up speed for the next big obstacle. I didn't even sweat. I simply rode my bike.

This type of variety is so good for me. You'll notice on this blog I tend to get really caught up in one thing at a time. I may ride my mountain bike every day for a month, then park it for five weeks after that. Last summer, for instance, I had been out in my kayak dozens of times by now. Yet this year, it still hangs from my garage ceiling, waiting to get wet. But options are good. This year's lack of rain doesn't allow for much paddling. So the variety allows me to choose something that works better in those conditions... riding a mountain bike, for instance.

And that very variety is what keeps me interested. It keeps me constantly moving. I love to bike commute, ride as a family, fish, kayak, mountain bike and camp. But I take it all in a little at a time and try to mix it up pretty well so that I'm never bored and there's always something to do.

Get out there.


  1. I know what you mean - except that I ride my commuter bike EVERY day. I'd like to think that I had time for riding other than work/home/errands, but I can never seem to fit it in. Not that I'm complaining about the amount of riding I do - I love it - maybe I just wish I had more leisure time?

    1. If I didn't do other stuff, I'd be super thankful for my commute! Honestly, I bet 75% of my time doing activities would be my commute.