Veteran's Park Mountain Biking Trail Map

NEW EDIT: I've actually mapped the one continuous loop of the new trail (Directly below). Park in the upper lot near the baseball fields and cut down the bike path. You'll see a clearing as the paved path cuts left down a hill. Head through that clearing and keep an eye out for the MTB trailhead on the left. 


Neil and I headed out early this morning for some Veteran's Park Recon. After discovering the new trails this week, I wanted a better understanding of how they were all laid out. Below you'll see the route we took. I even dropped in some arrows to show you the flow we've been taking. I've not ridden these new trails about five times. So I think I've got the best flow worked out. But honestly, I may be WAY off! Feel free to tell me a better way to ride this if you're aware of one!
You can click on the image to enlarge it. Basically, we're parking in the lower lot and riding along the creek until we hit the new trail system. Most of the new (and most fun part) is along the bottom of this map (where you see the green pin) The map is a little jumbled there because we kept riding the same section over and over (and the trail runs really close to itself as it doubles back and forth). The trail will give you a bigger loop if you're interested in covering more mileage (we did 8 miles today), but if you're only interested in fast rolling jumps, head to that pin and have fun. The green arrow shows you where we started to double back and head back to the car the way we came.

I'm not sure that this map will help you at all. But I would have liked it. The best thing to do it ride it. This was my third time out there riding these trails over and over again, and I'm just now getting a feel for what is where... and I think I've barely scratched the surface of the new stuff merging with the old stuff.
Neil was riding his new old bike. A friend gave him a great Diamondback that will be perfect for a first real mountain bike experience. Neil gave that thing all kinds of heck today. He even tried to ride through a tree at one point. The tree showed him who's boss, though.

Like I said before, this is a great new trail system if you want to ride in Lexington. And you don't need crazy skills. You could ride it slower and have a blast. You could mash the pedals, hit some fun jumps and have a blast. It's a great option.

Get out there.


  1. I had a good time taking pics there last night with my assistant, thanks for the tip!

  2. I agree that this is a great new trail system if you want to ride in Lexington. It was my pleasure that I visited you post. Big thanks.


  3. I really have fun of biking here in the Philippines it has a big area that you could do this everywhere. It can also exercise your body.