Pea Soup

The fog was as thick as pea soup this morning. I should be honest and let you know that I've never actually seen pea soup. I'm really trusting that the metaphor does the fog justice, here.
I rode the single speed Redline 925 for this trip. I keep a blinky light mounted to this guy. So instead of reaching up on a shelf, grabbing another blinky and clipping it to a geared bike, I just opted for one speed for the entire commute. I love riding this bike, though. It's just fun.
And a blinking bike is a good choice when visibility is so limited. I'm sorry to force the image of my arm hair on anyone, but look how water is beading up and causing wetness on my arm. That's all from fog condensation. As I pedaled under tree coverage, little droplets would fall off of the leaves and hit me. That's a lot of fog... not rain. Great ride, though. It felt great today.

Get out there.

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  1. I remember fog. Ah, in the west there is no fog. Sometimes the rain doesn't even reach the ground.

    One time I was riding from Slade to Stanton in the morning and I was wearing glasses. The fog was so thick, not only did I have the water beading up on my arm hair, but I couldn't see through my glasses and my shirt was soaked...only on the front.