Trail Storm Damage

I'm always amazed at how quickly weather can change the landscape. Today's trail ride was a great sign of that. We had huge winds come through on Sunday night and it did a number on the trees at the park.
Some places caused an entire detour. Some, like the photo above, just made you duck your head to pass.
In this pic, the trail is covered on the left while a new trail is being blazed on the right where the Troll is parked.
Lots of debris was just stretching across the trail. At one point, I zoomed through a branch that was covered in thorns. I spent about three minutes picking 15 or 20 thorns out of my arms and legs. Not fun.

It's so cool that mother nature changes things so quickly. It takes so much effort to build these trails, and one gust of wind can drop a tree right in the middle of it. So cool.

Get out there.

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