Wild Lunch

Yesterday I planned on riding to a local park with some MTB trails. My hope was to get in about an hour of riding, half on the trails and half getting there and back. My buddy Justin had his bike at work and decided to join me.
The ride started out great. The sky was overcast and offered a bit of cool air amongst the humidity. Everything was great for about 20 minutes... until I heard the sound of flesh, metal and wood crashing behind me.

Justin had lost control of his bike and somehow got tangled up in his frame as he went down. He banged his ankle up pretty good. It was bad enough to end our excursion and call for someone to pick him up.
This is Justin calling his wife to ask her to come pick us up. She's on the the other end of that line telling him that he's not allowed to hang out with me anymore :)

You'll also notice in the picture that some major rain began to fall as soon as he went down. We were caught in a huge thunderstorm. It was seriously sheets of water coming down on us. We needed to get Justin to the street, and the only foreseeable way to get there was to cross that stream in the background. So I grabbed his bike and carried it while he limped through the water slowly.

I headed back to my bike and was going to ride on to meet him at the street. Somehow, I lost him and ended up riding for about thirty minutes trying to find my injured friend. It was incredible. The water was coming down so hard I left my iPhone in a ziploc bag in my pocket so I don't have pics. I didn't want to risk it getting wet.
But the ride was so fun. The trail was covered in a couple inches of water. And several times I had to cross drainage ditches that were waste deep with water. The water was moving so fast, I had to carry the bike over my head. Every time my tires would hit that moving water, it would pull too hard for me to hold onto. It was just easier to carry it over those crossings. But the riding was great. The ground wasn't soaked through. So it was wet and wild, but not sloppy mud.

It really was an epic lunch. We got into some stuff we never expected... which is better than you could hope for. I'm glad we headed out. By the way, Justin is feeling better today. He still has a bit of a limp, though.

Get out there.


  1. Wow! A quiet day becomes a great adventure, aside the ankle injury!

  2. Most fun I've had all week! :D

  3. @ Tex69 - It was great. It's very cool to get in such a great time over a short break.