Last Week at Capitol View Park

I forgot to post all my photos for last week's mountain bike trip to Frankfort. Here it goes...
The new MTB build was great. Everything worked (for the most part). I need a new seat post. It seems that this one is defective and won't keep the seat tightened. 

There were two buddies with me. Jeff is up top and Justin is below.
 Some technical sections were fairly new due to a recent race at the park.
Rest time.
Look at Justin's shoulder here. He went over the bars at one point and skidded across the dirt on his face and shoulder. That's a sign of pushing your limits!
We've developed a bit of a tradition to hit Wendy's for Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers and Frosty's. You can't beat that after a sweaty day of dirt.

July MTB at Capitol View Park from Derrick Purvis on Vimeo.

Get out there.

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