July 4 Kayaking

I decided to ring in America's birthday with a little water yesterday morning. There's access to the Kentucky River about 20 minutes from my house. From that access point, you can paddle to the Dix River, which is a great little river for kayaking.
There were two other kayaks and a canoe with a couple guys that joined us. The hope was to catch some fish in the early wee hours of morning.

Shortly after the boat launch, we paddled under High Bridge. It's a train bridge that's rather high... it's not just a clever name.
The Dixie Bell paddle boat.
Early morning mist.
Beautiful morning.
Cow hide and seek.
There's a raccoon there on that branch. I'm pretty sure he was rabid. He was all shakey and his eyes were super crusty. Plus, you shouldn't see a raccoon out in daylight like this. Poor guy.
A little dicey.
It was a nice cool morning that was well spent. There's nothing I love more than a nice cup of coffee outside. And when you drink that coffee sitting in a boat, the world feels pretty perfect.

Get out there.

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