Early Morning Outing

I managed to squeeze in a couple hours of paddling and fishing this morning before work. I'm not required to be into the office until 9am, so the possibility was out there to get up early and hit the water with plenty of time for an adventure.
Sunrise was beautiful. It makes getting up early completely worth it.
There's a boat ramp that loads into the Kentucky River then I paddle down to the Dix River. Right here is the split between the two. The Kentucky heads to the left and the Dix is to the right.
I hugged the bank to toss my line in. I had lots of hits on my line this morning but nothing stuck on the hook. I love being out there. So not catching anything isn't a deal breaker for me. But I would love to bring something in the boat at some point.
I saw some campers out on the bank. There seemed to be a few of of them in a couple boats. I'd love to have permission from someone to camp off the river here. They were asleep but the smell of their smoldering fire was awesome as I passed by. By the time I headed back, they were awake and making breakfast.

It was a great morning. I headed back, loaded the boat and was walking in my office at 8:47am. You can't beat that for a pre-morning excursion. It may have to become a regular thing.

Get out there.

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