Mornings in the Water

There haven't been many posts from me this week. Honestly, I haven't ridden much. I've been pretty busy and needed to have my car a couple days this week. Yesterday, I opted to spend the morning with my older kids fishing. They've been a little stir crazy this summer and I wanted to get them off my wife's hands.
Bliss caught her first fish ever. She was a proud girl. I caught a huge catfish, too. I didn't really get a good pic that's worth showing. But it was big... and gross. I hate catfish.

Today I got up early and hit the creek with a couple buddies.

It was a great morning. In the photo above, Mike got the first fish of the day. Many were to follow. I caught  total of seven.
Keens are the perfect creek fishing shoes. They protect your feet, but play well with water.
Look at all that wood in front of Jeff. It's pretty cool to think about the power of water to move all of that. This creek is ankle deep right now, but it can really flow when the rain comes.
You're jealous of my cool vest, aren't you?

We put in at a bridge that goes over the creek. I got back to the car early enough to circle around and snap a couple photos of the guys coming back. Walking through the water is quite a workout. 

I'm really enjoying fishing these days. It's a great way to get out on the water and spend time in the outdoors. This creek is only about five minutes from my house. So I may try to visit it a couple more times before the cool weather comes back.

Get out there.


  1. It's Hickman Creek. If you go down Maple Street in Nicholasville it's that way.